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Eyewitness Yemliha Bektur stated that they intervened in the forest fire in the Kısık Valley of Beşen Mahallesi and participated in the extinguishing efforts in the rocky area. “We thought it was going to go, it turned around again. The plane landed very low, then went up again and emptied the water. He couldn’t pull himself together, he lifted the nose of the plane into the air, but he couldn’t save it. It crashed into the mountain, then there was an explosion. The friends ran away, and we followed behind.” He said.

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The moment the firefighting plane crashed to the ground is on camera from moment to momentTurkey

A fire broke out as a result of a lightning strike in the forest area in the Ilıca Mahallesi Almalı location of Onikisubat district, the fire extinguishing aircraft rented by the General Directorate of Forestry from Russia and used in the service of Adana Regional Directorate of Forestry had fallen.

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