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The accident occurred near the rural Geneyik District of Şahinbey district yesterday evening. Allegedly, the motorcycle with Ali, Sevda and their child Çınar Sever got out of control while cruising from Kilis to Gaziantep. The motorcycle first skidded and crashed into the garden gate of a roadside vineyard house, then somersaulted. The mother, father and children were injured in the accident. Upon the notification of those who saw the accident, many gendarmerie and health teams were sent to the region. The injured were taken to Gaziantep University Şahinbey Training and Research Hospital after the first interventions by the medical teams who came to the scene after the denunciation phase. The button was pressed, the brands announced one by one…Economy

The child died, the father is fighting for his life

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6-year-old Çınar Sever, who was taken to the hospital, could not be saved despite all the interventions and lost her life. The treatment of mother Sevda, who has a broken arm, and father Ali Sever, who is injured in various parts of her body and is in serious condition, continues. It was learned that the condition of father Ali Sever, whose treatment continues, is critical.

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Funeral handed over to uncle

The dead body of 6-year-old Çınar, who lost her life, was handed over to her uncle and other relatives for burial after autopsy procedures at Gaziantep Forensic Medicine Institute. It was learned that the body will be buried in Gaziantep Yeşilkent Cemetery. A large-scale investigation has been initiated regarding the accident.

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